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Mobile Marketing & Agriculture

Amy Bugg, Account Supervisor

With smart phones being purchased more often than personal computers and mobile web browsing predicted to surpass desktop web browsing this year, mobile marketing has quickly become a very relevant – and essential – part of every marketing mix. Agriculture is no exception.

An article from USA Today states that nearly half of U.S. farmers and ranchers are using smart phones or other mobile devices to increase efficiency and generate higher profits. According to Penton Agriculture Group, the use of mobile access is growing rapidly, tripling over the past 18 months (as reported by Omniture). Farmers and ranchers report that their smart phone is now essential to how they do business, with easy and immediate information regarding weather, market prices and finance.

With the adoption of smart phones, it’s imperative as ag marketers that we identify the acceleration of technology as a way to be in closer contact with customers. Mobile marketing is now a must in developing communications plans and works best when integrated into a larger campaign that may include TV, radio, print or direct mail – a blend of traditional and non-traditional. 

As we add mobile marketing to the mix, it’s also important to make your message or offer relevant. Marketing that is personal or in the moment often provides the greatest return. Deliver messages based on a user’s location, time of day, weather conditions and more. As each smart phone is a reflection of the user’s personal demographics and interests, look for opportunities to deliver contextually relevant messages based on their current environment.

The mobile universe is filled with windows to the Internet as small as the palm of your hand. This limited screen size requires ag marketers to know how to communicate in as few words as possible. Mobile messaging should be clear while being creative. Keep your message simple and understandable and your call to action concise.   

With the increasing adoption of smart phones in the world of agriculture, mobile marketing can no longer be an afterthought, or a “nice to have” component, in communications plans. Add it to the marketing mix, so you can communicate with your audience wherever they are.