The 2013 Swanson Russell Annual Meeting



The 2013 Swanson Russell Annual Meeting

Charlie Stephan, Writer/Producer

Bourbon TheaterLots of companies have annual meetings, where they meet and discuss the state of the business, talk about upcoming projects and socialize. But not a lot of them rent out a classic movie theatre, serve popcorn, candy, soda and a full bar, and show recut movie trailers to promote agency events. Then again, this is Swanson Russell.

A production of the Culture Committee, the annual meeting has grown into a staple agency event. Here’s a rundown of what we do: 

  • Each year, the meeting has a theme. This year we chose “movies,” an homage to our setting at the historic Bourbon Theatre.
  • Some fun videos from our incredible motion graphics team, including a movie theatre intro video (Snacks! No cell phones!) and this introduction of our newest employees:
  • Trailers for classic movies, recut to promote upcoming Swanson Russell events. Some of them aren’t…ummm…blog appropriate. Here’s one that reminds people they can wear shorts in the summer.
  • A “State of the Agency” talk from Partner/CEO Dave Hansen that reviews our financial state, new business progress and more. Always informative, and always encouraging.
  • A talk from Partner/Chief Creative Officer Brian Boesche about our brand promise of “Real Connection™,” and how we’re carrying it out. It includes overviews of a couple campaigns that Brian feels are best at exemplifying our ability to forge a Real Connection™ between our clients and their audiences.
  • A candid Q&A session with Brian and Dave where they answer questions from employees about our business, our philosophy and our plans for the future.

We’re big believers in working hard and playing hard, so after we’re all done talking, laughing and thinking, it’s time for the social hour. The 2013 Annual Meeting was another great feather in our agency events cap. Fun, informative and a great reminder of why we love coming to work every day at Swanson Russell.