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Connecting with Clients

Amber Wolff, Account Coordinator

Real Connection™ is our foundation. It’s our way of describing how we bring our clients’ brands together with the people who use them. We get that it’s more than a purchasing decision; we want people to develop an emotional connection with our clients’ brands. In order to do that, we make an effort to fully understand our clients’ products and services – whether that means talking to the sales team at a trade show, visiting a dealership, touring the production facility or meeting for the sole purpose of product training. 

It’s important that we understand the product to be able to promote it effectively. And we do. Many of us, myself included, use our clients’ products and would do so even if they weren’t our clients. We’re personally invested in the industries we serve. Having those common interests is what makes it easy to connect with our clients on a personal level.

It’s fairly typical that I talk to a client at least once a week – and sometimes several times a day if there is a big project in the works. So aside from knowing about the company, the products and the industry, I think it’s important that I know who our clients are as people. Connecting with them on a personal level helps strengthen the professional relationship. We see our clients as partners. Having that relationship with them helps when tough decisions have to be made or difficult conversations need to happen.

Bad Boy Buggies and Gravely

How each of us connects with our clients is different. I’ve visited a Bass Pro Shop to see the Bad Boy Buggies floor models and toured an Ariens and Gravely production facility. I’ve been on discovery trips to golf courses and had product training sessions at our office – all in an attempt to learn more about the product. When a client visits our office, we like to show them some of our culture and help them experience Lincoln. I’ve done the typical dinners and meetings in the office, but I’ve also taken clients on tours of Memorial Stadium, tailgated with them on Nebraska Football game days and even invited them to our Oktobeerfest celebration at the agency. It’s important for them to see who we are and understand our passion for what we do. That’s our Real Connection™ with our clients.