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  • Sep

    Agency, Agribusiness

    Supporting Local Agriculture

    Jill Heggen, Public Relations Counsel

    As participants in the Spring/Summer Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program through Tomato Tomáto, employees in the Omaha office have received bountiful bags filled with locally-grown food for the past 15 weeks.

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  • Sep


    Consumer safety campaign targets the DIY market

    Sarah Bisbee, Senior Account Manager

    Homeowner Do-it-Yourselfers (DIY) attempting to repair or replace propane gas appliances are putting themselves and their families in danger. And when things go wrong, too often, the media points the finger incorrectly at the propane system. The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) came to us with the challenge: help us reduce the number of DIY-related accidents without raising unnecessary concern about propane systems.

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  • Aug

    Health Care

    Tips For Using A Microsite For Your Advertising Campaign

    Megan Jenkins, Account Manager

    You are in the process of developing a new brand campaign, but your health system website is in the midst of a major overhaul that will take at least twelve months to complete. Where do you drive people to for an online experience? In instances like these, a campaign microsite is always a good option.

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  • Jul

    Agency, Health Care

    Making a “Non-Move” Something to Celebrate

    Jeff Deans, Writer/Producer

    There’s been no shortage of business news in Lincoln over the past few years. Longstanding companies have relocated to new offices near and far. Startups have launched. Doors have been closed. Mergers and buyouts have shaken up the scene.

    Within this shifting landscape, Swanson Russell has stayed the course, continuing to grow through a stable and sustainable approach to business. It’s a formula that’s worked for us for over 50 years. It may not have the same headline power as the aforementioned “moves,” but we think it should.

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  • May


    Making the Case for Beef

    Kellie Wostrel, APR, Public Relations Manager

    Perception, misconception and the need to better educate consumers — there are a million scenarios that apply to this, right? As a public relations practitioner who works in agriculture, these are constant challenges. Our industry is always working to better educate consumers to help them make the best dietary choices for themselves and their families. And sometimes, when trends and stereotypes meet “ag”, it feels like even when we’re winning some battles we’re having a tougher time winning the war. I recently read an article that confirmed just that.

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