Our Approach

At Swanson Russell, we live to forge a Real Connection™ between our clients and the people who live their brand.

The Swanson Russell Brand

We’re big believers in the power of “brand.” So much so, we’ve worked hard to develop our own. We call it Real Connection™, and it’s not just a catch phrase we can stick on a coffee mug. It’s the way we do business. At the end of the day, it’s about working relentlessly to bring our clients’ brands together with the people who live them.


We are a product of our Midwestern roots and values; genuine, authentic and forthright. We are grounded, mainstream and Main Street. What you see is what you get. We are true to our beliefs, to each other and to our clients.


We are chasm-crossers and bridge-builders, driven to get from here to there. With our deep knowledge and expertise, we will build a strong meaningful relationship with your audience, forging the tipping points that will move them to action – done so in a way that is genuine, responsible and enjoyable to all.

Our Areas of Focus

One way we follow through on our brand promise is through our areas of focus. Every client we have belongs to one of six industries, allowing us to focus our efforts and draw on our experience whenever a big idea is needed.

Our Approach to Branding

The process of identifying and defining your brand is one we take seriously. It’s a process that requires critical thought and dedicated planning, and at Swanson Russell, we’ve broken it down in five phases.

For a free copy of our full Positioning and Branding Brochure, contact Dave Hansen at 402-437-6427.

Swanson Russell Branding Process

The Branding Process

Step 1: Discovery


The first step is data gathering. We observe, test, survey and monitor key insights from a client’s internal players as well as its external audiences. The result is a wealth of information that we use to start forming your brand.

Step 2: Insight


Loads of quantitative and qualitative data aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on if you don’t apply critical thinking to them. This is where we’ll start asking questions, challenging viewpoints and identifying strengths and weaknesses.

Step 3: Architecture


Next up, we can start building a foundation for the brand. We begin with a “brand position statement,” which summarizes the essence of your brand and defines the promise we intend to deliver. Around this promise, we build a message platform and brand characteristics.

Step 4: Communications


Now that we know what to say, it’s time to say it. We start internally, ensuring that everyone in the organization has bought in to the brand promise. Then – through advertising, public relations and a strong interactive presence – we communicate that promise to external audiences.

Step 5: Management


You don’t mow the lawn in April and call it good for the summer. Same with branding. The final step of our process involves implementing positions and processes within an organization (and among our own team) that will nurture, maintain and grow the brand.

That’s how we look at branding and messaging here at Swanson Russell. Want to put us to work on your brand? Then contact Dave Hansen at 402-437-6427.